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On-Demand Best Selling Webinar Packs

Add more milestones to your career! Training Doyens offers webinar packs in various domains to help professionals upgrade their skills & knowledge, and become even more confident & acuminous in their pursuit of success. Opt for the pack(s) of your choice and give your career the much-needed boost.

Leadership Essentials - Pack of 12 Webinars

Be the leader that your organization needs. This online certification program helps you develop and sharpen your leadership skills. Know what it takes to set the direction for your team, build an inspiring vision and guide the team to the right destination, smoothly and efficiently.

• Strategies for time and task management
• Elements of effective communication
• Strategies to increase engagement, accountability, productivity and profitability
• Stress management techniques
• Working with Excel and PDF
• Using LinkedIn as a business tool

Number of Webinars Included: 12 Webinars    Total Learning Hours: 16 Hours 45 Minutes
Requirements: There are no prerequisites.         Method: Online, anytime, any device


Management Essentials - Pack of 13 Webinars

Hone up your managerial skills. Learn how to manage different types of employees and situations in your organization. Prepare yourself and your workforce to meet the challenges confidently, and fine tune your strategies to ensure that your organization is on the right track.

• Components of emotional intelligence
• Essential skills for effective communication and public presentation
• Dealing with difficult people and challenging situations
• Conflict and stress management in the workplace
• Executive excellence & strategic thinking
• Using LinkedIn as a business tool

Number of Webinars Included: 13 Webinars       Total Learning Hours: 16 Hours
Requirements: There are no prerequisites.            Method: Online, anytime, any device


Excelling in Excel – Pack of 13 Excel Webinar

Learn about the basic as well as the advanced features of Excel and become a power user. Be it working with large amounts of data, or building reports and summaries, this advanced Excel webinar pack helps you become proficient in Excel. And, if you are already a regular user, you can take your knowledge to the next level to become even more efficient and productive with this critically important tool.

• Understanding Vlookup, Hlookup, and other important features
• Advanced Pivot Tables
• Data visualization using Sparkline charts, Bar charts, Infographic-style charts and more
• Creating Excel dashboards
• Data entry shortcuts

Number of Webinars Included: 13 Webinars       Total Learning Hours: 20 Hours 45 Minutes
Requirements: Basic Excel knowledge                   Method: Online, anytime, any device


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